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Aids WalkHandy Hearts, Inc. was founded as a way to continue to decrease the statistics, one cancer patient at a time. It is now our mission to provide awareness, knowledge, and healing with our passion to provide resources not readily available for cancer patients. There is no age requirement or limitation, but home ownership is a must. The homeowner can either be the patient, or the parent of the patient. Handy Hearts, Inc. understands most healing time is spent in the home, and since home is where the heart is, we will provide a one-room remodel or install medically required equipment to help heal the heart and spirit.

Handy Hearts, Inc. firmly believes in treating the body as a whole through nutrition and exercise, the best line of defense in battling cancer. In addition to the remodel project, we will provide 60 days of qualified, professional therapies such as: nutrition coaching, massage therapy, personaltraining, and also, chiropractic care/physical therapy when the insurance policy does not cover these services.



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